Problemi di charset tra Propel ed un database utf8

Se come me avete avuto dei problemi con il giusto charset-encoding tra Propel e un database utf8, per sistemare le cose è sufficente aggiungere il parametro encoding nel file database.yml. Sembra che il client Propel si connetta di default con un charset non utf8, molto probabilmente usa di default il wester (ISO-8859-1).

    class:          sfPropelDatabase
      dsn:          mysql://username:password@localhost/database
      encoding:     utf8

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  1. Hi! Thank you for this solvation. I really could not find any at symfony forum which uses propel as ORM handler.

  2. Hello,

    I have a little trouble…
    I made a web aplication using symfony 1.1 and propel with mysql.

    I have a database with romanian characters.
    This is the old good site:
    I started from scrach an aplication with symfony 1.2 with the same database, and the romanian characters are some symbols.

    This is the new version but with the same database: -Sheikh.html

    Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

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