IRC Meeting per il futuro di Propel

François Zaninotto e Sven Teitje, che hanno ufficialmente annunciato di aver preso in carico il progetto Propel con la mail qui di seguito, hanno indetto un IRC meeting per discutere del futuro dell’ORM.

Se avete qualche idea interessante, e voglia di comunicarla, l’appuntamento è sul canale #propel di Freenode il 10 Settembre alle 20.00.

Dear Propel devs / users,

Hans Lellelid, current lead of the Propel project, has agreed to leave the
project keys to François Zaninotto (for the 1.x branch) and Sven Teitje (for
the 2.x branch). Both François and Sven will do their best to help Propel
get better and get more users.

And because you probably all have lots of ideas, an IRC meeting is planned
on the #propel channel on freenode on Thursday, September 10th, at 8:00pm
West European Time (that’s 2:00pm East Coast time). Please come there to
explain your needs, offer your collaboration, discuss the project
management, and meet the new project leaders. If you can’t make it for the
IRC meeting, don’t hesitate to use the propel development mailing-list (

François Zaninotto (francois) and Sven Teitje (tiddy)